“Consignation of multiple (swarms) updated reusable state-of-art stealth Boeing X-37B & Falcons 9 on Space around the Planet with state-of-art quantum radar & other state-of-art radar such as of Capella-2 satellites, & electromagnetic shield that will absorbs the precise electromagnetic spectrum fields (such as laser beams & radio waves) of state-of-art earth & space antennas in order to convert them into power for precise powerful space emissions. They must act such as space mirrors and deactivate or/and destroy the mechatronic systems of enemies at once around the Planet by Space via the emission of multiple multi-targeted powerful electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with time, range-wavelength, frequency & intensity control. The update must becomes into the state-of-art reusable spaceships & reusable rockets of future for a fast response to the dangerous global threats by criminals.” ~ Chaideftos Chaideftos

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