Creation of a state-of-art thin but durable and flexible endoscope with state-of-art microcamera of 360 degrees view and light and in the center of it a state-of-art durable syringe that will has size control and that will emits precise low-intensity ultrasound fields around it from all the angles via integrated ultrasound mechatronic machine and via automated detection of damaged area, in order to scan before to pierce (open a hole into a tumor) a tumor with precision and treat it (bibliography says that low-intensity ultrasound field might not harm the healthy cells) up to a point, while it will analyze the treatment via built-in biosensors of endoscope, from where will flows a small amount of cells for analysis (by the ship of the state-of-art syringe, from where, we will be able to pass sophisticated immune cells and medicines for treatment of tumors). I hope to work also the immunogenic cell death (ICD), from where the immune system will learn to confront the specific type of cancer cells in the rest of organism for the confrontation of possible metastasis.


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