1) Artificial bio-organs-Biohybrid systems via multidimensional bioprinters in a record time by the multiplication of healthy patient’s specific cells into biospheres-bioorganoids and other state-of-art cell cultures.

2) mRNA vaccine and non-integrating viral vector vaccine which will instruct the senescent cells and cancer cells to express yamanaka factors in order to become young and healthy cells again.

3) Multiplication of healthy young cells into biospheres (bio-organoids) for ready total transfusions with evolved immune cells into old people who need them.

4) Robotic bodies where we will connect the brain, which we will treat it with young healthy blood, in order to come into a youtful state. The robotic body must clean the cancer-virus cells with low-intensity ultrasound fields and must release precise instructions to transform cancer, virus, dead, & senescent cells into young and healthy cells. It must keeps the brain functionable into a youthful & healthy state, and it must connects it with the body through implanted bioantenna and through sophisticated BCI with quantum sensors.

5) Endoscope with integrated ultrasound emitter and with integrating syringe in order to implant into at the center of tumors a biodegradable biosphere from glass maybe, in order to hit there the safe low-intensity ultrasound fields with precision and start to kill the tumors from all the angles through the implanted biosphere. This endoscope must be used through one outer organism hole (laparoscopically).

6) Creation of a durable syringe that will have size control, state-of-art camera of 360 degrees view on its top, and that will emit low-intensity ultrasound fields around it from all the angles via integrated ultrasound mechatronic machine, in order to pierce (open a hole into a tumor) a tumor and treat it, while it will analyze the treatment via built-in biosensors.

7) A flying drone with integrated solarium style mechatronic machine, which will scan the whole organism via low-intensity ultrasound, etc. techniques, and will treat the problems where exist through low-intensity ultrasound fields, etc. techniques (see paradigm 6). It must be automated and semi-automated from distance, where it will works via satellite internet and via state-of-art electromagnetic power generator and other state-of-art ways for power production.


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