Establishment of double verification with QR code and with NFC technology at the same time via smartphones and other smart devices which will act & such as payment terminals through them (QR code and NFC technology). In this scenario, they will use the specific inviolable banking application with scan of fingerprint and maybe face, speech, etc. biometric scan plus with the entry of PIN & OTP for security reasons. The banking application must contains internet banking & the QR and NFC identification shape-number (the number must be the same through an internet update for simplification reasons) for online-offline e-identifications and e-transactions. The banking application should contains all the informations of each citizen (without edit option for the citizen and with safety mode) into the hierarchical inviolable cloud and into the inviolable banking application, in order to be used the appropriate informations for each online-offline e-identification and e-transaction. It is so genius the establishment of mandatory only e-transactions and e-identifications, because the criminality will stop to exist up to a point due to the existence of lasting data, when it will be appropriate for security reasons. Finally, the smart inviolable banking-government application must contains a state-of-art algorithm, which will detects the bad behavior of user on the banking application (who tries to break the application e-code-operating system code), in order to lock the device forever, until an agent of us to unlock it through state-of-art usb key, biometric data, PIN, OTP, etc. after an interrogation.

In this case, smartphone will be mandatory because it will be for everything. They will use it at their arrival & at their departure at their jobs such as work card through a smartphone-tablet-laptop-computer terminal (such as a payment terminal), they will use it at every transaction, they will use it at hospitals because it will be their health card with their health data, they will use it in order to drive because it will have the informations of the owner of the means of transport & of their driving skills – licenses, they will use it at all the mass means of transport as daily-weekly-monthly-yearly ticket, they will use it as a passport in order to travel, they will use it as ID for identification & they will use it at everything else that exists & it will exists.

Finally, for security reasons, each smartphone, etc. smart device must opens only after PIN plus fingerprint scan, face scan, speech scan, etc. biometric data for safety reasons. If the citizen will lost it, she/he will be able to do reset of its data through the internet or she/he will be able to find it in a record time through geolocation by the security forces such as police, which will identify it in a record time through its stigma.


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