If safe artificial intelligence can absorbs-understands state-of-art books for each scientific achievement from its start until now and the aspects of it about the future, and it can create a state-of-art video with easy explanation in 3D, 5D, etc. dimensions for every scientific achievements with big analysis about each one of it, then we will be able to create a AR/VR headset/helmet style education. Through this tactic, we will be able at the future to consign optical & sound messages to brains via AR/VR headsets/helmets (screen plus speakers), to decode how the informations are being absorbed by the specific types of central nervous system (the electromagnetism and biochemical levels of nervous system categories & subcategories in real-time), in order to start to be able at the deep future to consign specific knowledge with specific electromagnetic spectrum signals & biochemistry in specific central nervous system regions with safety & with precision for elite education. We must start to absorb the memory-experience-knowledge-wisdom-intelligence-vision-insight-fantasy-thoughts of people via education & via state-of-art tech implementation on life routine, and we must start to implant specific knowledge-wisdom-intelligence-vision-insight-fantasy-thoughts to specific people. This can be done in more sophisticated levels via nanoscale organic bio-antennas that will be implanted via medicines to people who need them in order to detect, decode, monitor & hack the central nervous system electromagnetism and biochemistry for health reasons.


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