Multiple syringes into each one of a mass of quantum stealth extra fast air-ground-sea drones with state-of-art electromagnetic shield, with semi-automated detection of heart & breathing rate, also of thermal, location, etc. signature (from where they will understand of who have paralyzed already via their anesthetic, in order to go to the next one in the specifics areas) via state-of-art antenna & other mechanisms, in order to launch them into criminals & paralyze them via safe anesthetic levels for arrest & interrogation reasons by our security forces, & in order to implant into them permanent organic bio-antennas for geolocation & vital-nervous sytem monitoring reasons. We can paralyze the dangerous people without do damage to them, such as we paralyze the dangerous animals. This type of drones must be able to let stealth wireless nano-picometre scale monitoring devices (nanoballs) into the homes of citizens, which will be (quantum) stealth with electromagnetic shield, which will see through state-of-art camera of 360 degrees view, which will hear via state-of-art microphone, which will have geolocation, which will have a safe self-destruction mechanism in order to do not go to the wrong hands, & which will detect the mechatronic machines-devices connection to internet in order to monitor them and decode the e-behavior of citizens, something that must become and through state-of-art wi-fi – antennas that also must detect, monitor, decode, & manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum signals-fields of organisms.

If the criminals are into a safe zone, such as a building or such as a tank, we will have to bombard the building with powerful lasting electromagnetic spectrum pulses in order to paralyze them again or do them to let the safe zone and arrest them for interrogation reasons. This tactic can be used in bigger levels via quantum stealth mega-antennas with state-of-art electromagnetic shield, which will emits multiple precise or mass range (360 degrees) electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (such as Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system & such as Greek Minotaur of Soukos Robots) with Hz, range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control. It must be mentioned that mega-antennas can be added into quantum stealth air-ground-sea drones with state-of-art electromagnetic shield, which will be powered by electromagnetic spectrum fields (laser beams, radio waves, etc.) by quantum stealth Capella-2 satellites (which will emit also multiple & precise electromagnetic spectrum fields with range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control) which will have state-of-art electromagnetic shield & electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels, but with multiple different layers for the absorption of all the electromagnetic spectrum of Universe & of laser beams, radio signals, etc. by Earth, from where they will communicate also with quantum telecommunications), in order to be powered by Earth laser beams, radio waves, etc. It is a chain of consignation of unlimited energy for a lot of time, until the job is done by the specific mechatronic machines.

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