Creation of flock of reusable stealth robotic air (eagles), ground (insects), sea (sharks, etc.) drones with electromagnetic shield, which will be exactly such as the real ones (real animals) will open & launch multiple state-of-art stealth rockets & bullets or anesthetic vaccines for immobilization reasons. Creation of swarms of extreme fast stealth Kamikaze Eagles-Spiders-Flies-Mosquitoes-Bees-Wasps-Sharks-Etc. with electromagnetic shield, machine vision & powerful explosive. Swarms of extreme fast reusable stealth mosquitoes-wasps which will implant biocompatible permanent nano-picometre scale implants-bioantennas into the organism of targets via detection of veins-muscles by machine vision (and understanding via machine vision, if the target has already implant in order to let her/him and go to the next target that she/he has not) in order to bite and let it to pass into the organism for automated hook up-anchor of it into the veins-muscles of the organism (by automated detection of the correct inner organism place via the specific detection of specific biochemical substances & electromagnetic fields by the artificial membrane of implant, such as the cell membrane of a human cell) for geolocation & vital-nervous system monitoring by Earth & Space antennas. It must be mentioned that the robotic animal, etc. drones that will be such as the real ones (such as the real thing), they must be able to detect the smart mechatronic machines-devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, implants, etc.) around them, and hack them via the wireless fields, in order to monitor them and manipulate them), they must have state-of-art camera of 360 degrees view in their eyes with night vision & they must have state-of-art microphone in order to act and as spy agents, they must have self-destruction mechanism in order to do not go to the wrong hands, & they must be able to charge-load via transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields (wireless fields, etc.) by Earth & Space antennas, which must be able to emit multiple multi-targeted transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control & which will be powered by transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields by Earth energy factories-providers. The robotic animal drones must be such as the real ones with electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels) & with wireless field receiver-converter for power reasons.

Creation of sophisticated stealth spaceships & satellites with state-of-art electromagnetic shield & with state-of-art global range quantum radar-antenna, which will emit multiple multi-targeted powerful transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with precision (with range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control) into targets and which will be powered-charge-load via precise laser beams (they will communicate also via the laser beams) by Earth state-of-art energy factories. Creation & of state-of-art stealth satellites, with electromagnetic shield, with global range quantum radar that will emits multiple multi-targeted powerful transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with precision (with range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control) , with universal implant & generally microchip tracking system, & with elevator function that will change the boxes (with tungsten kinetic energy missiles) that will receive, which will be loaded by reusable rockets & spaceships that will consign the ready boxes with the kinetic energy weapons, which will launch the kinetic energy weapons to multiple targets at once, and which will be powered by transparent laser beams by Earth energy providers-factories, from where will communicate. It must be mentioned that the multiple electromagnetic spectrum fields of satellites & reusable spaceships must supervise, detect, monitor, record, influence, manipulate, & take control (of criminals mechatronic systems) or destruct the targets.

Finally, smartphones will be mandatory-for-use for all the identifications & transactions that will become e-identifications & e-transactions with a mandatory way & they will have the personal safe artificial intelligence of user/s, which will detects all her/his smart devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, implants, smart means of transport, etc.) and will give them the personal e-ID (which will be the e-number of the citizen’s e-folder on the inviolable cloud, which will contains all the informations about the life of citizen) of citizen/s-user/s in each of her/his smart device via an internet update to the operating system of the smart device. The installation of the personal safe artificial intelligence must become via factory and via a mandatory internet update, in order to detects, monitor, record, & manipulate the citizen/s-user/s via the electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams of the screens of the smart devices & of the implants.

Useful patents: (1) Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, (2) Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems, (3) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, (4) Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver, (5) Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, (6) Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages, (7) Silent subliminal presentation system, (8) Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, (9) Electromagnetic wave sensing and modulating of neuronal activities, (10) Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system, (11) Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound, & (~) etc. similar style patents.


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