Conquerment of Universe

Creation of state-of-art mega-satellites, which will contain a lot of flying drones (such as the image, but with addition of air-pressure & self-cleaning, where drones need, for the growth of their survival into the Universe) & ground drones (such as mini tanks) that will be state-of-art all-in-one laboratories (with sophisticated robotic smart hands-equipments & with all the sensors & biomarkers that exist) for exploration of Universe Objects. I think that is possible the creation of state-of-art electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels, but for all the electromagnetic spectrum fields of Universe) for the power generation of drones. I think that there are 2 options for the power-generation of drones: 1st option is total power generation with all the safe possible options & the second is flexible (depend on where they will be landed). For an example: Planet Aphrodite is near, but too hot as a Planet, then we should create a surface that will be ok with a lot of degrees, & which will generate electricity through the temperature, by the wind, by the electromagnetic forces of Universe, such as x-g rays, solar rays, etc. forms of safe long lasting energy generation.

Consignation of microwaves, laser beams, etc. electromagnetic spectrum fields into the drones in order to be able to have contact with the satellites that will be in orbit, which in their turn will consign the data to our Planet. Finally, i think that is possible the massive consignation of such satellites via reusable rockets & spaceships for fast exploration of the Space Objects.

Also, we should transform the Space Objects (asteroids, meteors, comets, etc.) into our Universal Eyes. I mean that we should transform them into something such as telescopes via state-of-art spaceships in order to see deep into Universe through their orbital routes.

Scientists should create flexible electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels, but with a lot of different layers for the absorption of all the electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams of Universe) into smart-sophisticated rockets-drones which will land into other Planets (such as Falcons 9 of SpaceX) in order to open such as flowers for power generation by the absorption of all types of electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams-etc. Each one rocket will land next to the other via correct coordinates by the satellites scan (which will be consigned before the rockets-spacecrafts for power production) in order to be connected each one with the other via an automated way & create a smart electrical grid for the load-charge of the drones & generally of the human civilizations. Another state-of-art idea is to consign advanced nuclear reactors and advanced nuclear fast reactors (advanced nuclear fast reactors use the nuclear waste of the simple advanced nuclear reactors), in order to there is nuclear circular power generation.

Scientists should create also spaceship & satellite labs in orbit for space seed cultivation. Reusable rockets such as Falcons 9 of SpaceX will consign sophisticated boxes with multiple seeds into the satellite labs in orbit & will take the older labs with the multiple seeds each time from the satellite labs (satellite labs will have an elevator function, which will be used in order to consign the lab to the rocket and in order to receive the lab from the rocker) back to Earth with safety for cultivation. Satellite station labs in orbit will have all types of biosensors for automated or/and semi-automated lasting analysis of seeds into Space and later lasting analysis on Earth by similar biosensors in order to there are statistics.

Creation also of sophisticated satellites with state-of-art electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels, but with a lot of multiple sophisticated layers for the absorption of all types of Space electromagnetic spectrum fields) for consignation around the Space Objects, which will emit all fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams-etc. of the electromagnetic spectrum. They will all interconnect-communicate with each other via laser beams, from which they will be powered. The central power supply will be made by precise laser beams from Earth. The emission of the multiple electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams by the sophisticated satellites will be done with surgical precision, i.e. with control of range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. to achieve the objectives. These specific sophisticated satellites must be able to send power and telecommunications to Space drones.

Finally, as for the space rubbishes, we should create huge flexible magnetic nets, which will be inside the spaceships with specific coating, in order to do not create problems until to reach the spaceships the specific orbits, in order to open them and raise the space rubbishes on them. After of the cleaning of the specific orbits each time from the space rubbishes, spaceships must be set to come back to the atmosphere in order to be burned the space rubbishes and to be disappeared.

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