Conquerment of Planet

Creation of swarms of robotic wasps & spiders (insect drones), which will detect through machine vision & which will immobilize criminals by injecting the most powerful safe anesthetic & a nano-picometre scale permanent biocompatible implant-antenna (the implant will transmit data through the electromagnetic network of organism, such as ions, etc. and will charge-load via the electromagnetic spectrum forces, via the biochemical substances, via the particles, and via the pulses of organism) into their veins, in order to be apprehended by security forces or to be detected, monitored, & manipulated through the nervous system implants of insect drones, which will be anchored-hooked up into the precise places of inner organism with an automated way. They should look exactly like real beings, they should charge-load via their movements, via the air flow, via electromagnetic spectrum panels [such as solar panels, but with a lot of state-of-art multiple & multidimensional transparent layers (such as the multiple multidimensional layers of an onion) for all the electromagnetic spectrum fields of Earth & Space antennas], via the humidity, & via wireless networks-fields [where a vehicle will be nearby with a satellite antenna for wireless fields emission and energy generator, which (energy generator) will charge-load by precise safe electromagnetic spectrum fields by Earth & Space antennas] by Earth & Space antennas (Space antennas will charge-load via transparent laser beams by state-of-art Earth energy providers-factories & via state-of-art electromagnetic spectrum panels, such as solar panels), and they should execute commands within the geolocation range of specific planetary coordinates. They will be and Kamikaze drones with powerful explosive, in order to do not steal the enemies the state-of-art technology of the insect drones.

Useful patents: (1) Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, (2) Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems, (3) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, (4) Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver, (5) Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, (6) Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages, (7) Silent subliminal presentation system, (8) Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, (9) Electromagnetic wave sensing and modulating of neuronal activities, (10) Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system, (11) Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound, & (~) etc. similar style patents.


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