Planetic Empire

Permanent Biocompatible & Stealth Antennas-Implants into Humans via Insect Drones & Vaccines for Vital System Monitoring (Heart Pulses, Blood flow, Blood ingredients, Breath Rate, Nervous System, Geolocation, Etc.) via automated tracking system by Earth Antennas (central antennas of telecommunications plus antennas of smart mechatronic machines-devices) & Space Antennas (Satellites-Spaceships). These stealth implants-antennas must charge-load via the ions-etc. atomic-subatomic scale matter-antimatter (from where will connect with us) & the biochemical substances of blood. They can charge-load also via the blood flow & via the muscle moves, because it will be anchored-hooked up into the organism/s of the objective/s.

Insect drones must understand who citizen has not implant via machine vision & automation, in order to go to her/him for implantation of permanent biocompatible steatlh antenna/s of nano-picometre scale.

These state-of-art Space Nets by state-of-art Spaceships must be able to emit precise multiple multi-targeted transparent electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. control into Earth & Universe for maximum results. They must cooperate & coordinate through automated & semi-automated way with the Earth Antennas.

Useful patents: (1) Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, (2) Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems, (3) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, (4) Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver, (5) Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, (6) Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages, (7) Silent subliminal presentation system, (8) Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, (9) Electromagnetic wave sensing and modulating of neuronal activities, (10) Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system, (11) Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound, & (~) etc. similar style patents.

Each personal smartphone with the unique e-ID of citizen must detect the implant of its user (citizen) and through personal artificial intelligence to record, decode, & manipulate the electromagnetic & biochemical signals of citizen via the precise multiple multi-targeted electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams of implant-antenna. The central inviolable e-cloud will has the informations of the implant & of the smartphone through the safe consignation of data by the personal artificial intelligence of the personal smartphone of citizen.



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