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Mathematical Theory for Safety by Me: Absorption of all the data by simple central data servers -> Consignation of data through external hard disks to A.I. central server -> Analysis of data by the A.I. central server which will not has wi-fi or cable connection to the internet and which will has security forces

All the data of all the smart mechatronic machines-devices will go to the simple central data servers. Each citizen will become with a mandatory way an e-citizen. She/He will has the unique identification number of the citizen (e-ID) in the inviolable file of the inviolable cloud. The personal file in the inviolable cloud system of each citizen who will has the unique e-ID will contains every information about citizen’s life with genealogical tree style & with hierarchical style. The same e-ID will exists in all the mechatronic devices of the specific user/s. Instead of ID, Passport, Driving License, State-Institutional Diploma, Work-Health-Insurance Card, Card for Means of Transport, Etc. the citizen will has 1 only e-ID on her/his smartphone that will be mandatory-for-use in order to exist the mandatory e-identifications & e-transactions via NFC & e-banking. As it has mentioned before, each smart mechatronic machine-device of each citizen must takes through an internet update her/his/their specific-unique identification number (e-number or with other words e-ID) in order to there is an analysis of her/his life & e-life through the detection, recording, monitoring, analysis of her/his e-data such as geolocation, biometrics, documents (video – audio – etc.), email & social media messages, teleconferences – e-speeches, & searches on search engines through the specific application of e-ID. Smartphone must be mandatory for all types of identifications & transactions which will become with a mandatory way e-identifications & e-transactions only via smartphones & etc. smart mechatronic machines-devices. Finally, we can pass safe biocompatible nano-picometre scale organic implants-antennas into the organisms via a mandatory transformation of all types of medicines (which must have nano-picometre scale permanent organic implants-antennas that must be stealth & hooked up-anchor into the organism via the electromagnetic spectrum mandates by the antennas of smart mechatronic machines-devices & wi-fi of citizens & that must charge-load via the electromagnetic spectrum fields of organisms such as its ions from where will transmit & data wirelessly, & also that will charge-load via the biochemical substances of organisms) and via insect drones, as & to let stealth wireless nano-picometre scale monitoring devices via insect drones (flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, worms, etc. such as the real things) into the homes of citizens, which will be (quantum) stealth with electromagnetic shield, which will see through state-of-art camera of 360 degrees view, which will hear via state-of-art microphone, which will have geolocation, which will have a safe self-destruction mechanism in order to do not go to the wrong hands, & which will detect the mechatronic machines-devices connection to internet in order to monitor them and decode the e-behavior of citizens, something that must become and through state-of-art wi-fi – antennas that also must detect, monitor, decode, & manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum signals-fields of organisms.

Insect Drone Swarms as Spy Agents: Insect drones (worms, spiders, mosquitoes, bees, wasps) exactly such as the real insects in order to monitor situations around the Planet. They must be able to implant biocompatible organic nanoantennas into the dangerous people for their lasting geolocation & generally for the monitoring of their vital system (organism). They must charge-load via the wireless fields and via their movements. They must have extreme high analysis camera of 360 degrees view, high analysis microphone, geolocation system, and finally they must have safe A.I. in order to hack & monitor the mechatronic devices of the people. Finally this swarm of insect drones must implant (let) nano/picometre scale monitoring devices into the homes of citizens, which will charge-load via wireless fields, which must be stealth and which must have safe A.I. such as the insect drones in order to detect, monitor, hack & manipulate the mechatronic devices of people.

Next Generation Security: Extreme fast aggressive wasp drone swarms that will paralyze the criminals via injections of safe paralysis substances (powerful but safe anesthetic) with the combination of biocompatible nanoantenna for geolocation monitoring & for vital system monitoring reasons, in order to arrest them our security forces for interrogation reasons. The only defense against this type of drones is the emissions of electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams-etc. with range-wavelength, frequency, & intensity control by sophisticated Space & Earth antennas, which must be able to detect, decode, monitor, destruct or manipulate-take control of enemies mechatronic weapons.

The deep future must has only e-banking & NFC e-identifications & e-transactions through a sophisticated banking application, where the citizen will has access via biometric data such as the fingerprint & face scan and via a PIN for security reasons, and which will has safe artificial intelligence which will lock the banking application, if someone tries to hack it (break its code). NFC payments must be able to function for online and offline payments (the system must count the money always, even online, even offline, in order to be able to become e-identifications & e-transactions with the use of e-banking & NFC-RFID-QR code technology, which will show the flow of money on the inviolable banking system, when the mechatronic device such as computer-laptop-tablet-smartphone will be online) through a mechatronic device such as computer-laptop-tablet-smartphone (which will be used such as the bank card) that will be scanned by a computer-laptop-tablet-smartphone through NFC-RFID-QR code technology, instead of simple bank card that is being scanned by a payment terminal (POS). Each smart mechatronic device (such as computer-laptop-tablet-smartphone) must act such as payment terminal that will read only the safe specific data that are needed for each occasion. At a second time, this specific banking application must absorb and all the governmental documents such as ID Card, Passport Card, Driving License, Health-Work-Insurance-Etc. Card, State Documents, Institutional Certificates, tickets of means of transport, etc. which must exist in an inviolable central cloud system, from where the microchip of mechatronic device (such as computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) will take the unique citizen-user number via an internet update, which will use sophisticated NFC-RFID-QR code technology & e-banking for use only of e-identifications, e-transactions, & e-provisions of support by the State for meritocracy, transparency, security & justice reasons through the data, such as e-behavior, & such as biometric data, geolocation & etc. Finally, the artificial intelligence of the banking application must be able to detects, records & decodes all the documents, email & social media messages, teleconferences, e-speeches, & e-searches on search engines for security reasons when it will be a must.

State-of-art Space Net: Creation of sophisticated satellites with state-of-art electromagnetic spectrum panels (such as solar panels, but with a lot of multiple sophisticated layers for the absorption of all types of Space electromagnetic spectrum fields) for consignation around the Space Objects, which will emit all fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams-etc. of the electromagnetic spectrum. They will all interconnect-communicate with each other via laser beams, from which they will be powered. The central power supply will be made by laser beams from Earth. The emission of the electromagnetic spectrum fields by the sophisticated satellites will be done with surgical precision, i.e. with control of range-wavelength, frequency, intensity, etc. to achieve the objectives. These specific sophisticated satellites must be able to send power and telecommunications to Space drones.

P.S. We don’t even need the POS. In the future, every smartphone will become a POS through an inviolable smart banking application, overseeing everything whenever necessary, through safe semi-automated artificial intelligence. The smart mechatronic devices are the best for this case and especially the smartphone, because has an e-archive on everything it sees, hears, etc., and which is geolocated and has for security the biometrics, PIN, OTP, etc. If needed, the e-archive can be and in another inviolable cloud, from where we will absorb data with safety. Imagine a central e-database (cloud) in the form of a genealogical tree, which will contains, with proper filing, everything that has to do with the life of citizen (documents, etc.), from which base, selected informations will be absorbed with the use of sophisticated NFC-RFID-QR code technology by NFC-RFID-QR code terminals, such as payment terminals (POS). Finally, only when the artificial intelligence detects bad e-behavior, it will signals the relevant authorities  to monitor, so that each case can be clarified and there is justice for the elimination of criminality.

Useful patents: (1) Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, (2) Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems, (3) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, (4) Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver, (5) Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, (6) Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages, (7) Silent subliminal presentation system, (8) Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, (9) Electromagnetic wave sensing and modulating of neuronal activities, (10) Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system, (11) Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound, & (~) etc. similar style patents.


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