Interconnection of the alive brain exactly after the death of the biological body to a robotic body, which (robotic body) will rejuvenate the blood that be inserted to brain & be exported by brain, which (robotic body) will do all the stimulations on the brain, & which (robotic body) will consigns radioelectromagnetic signals to the Brain [Central Nervous System (C.N.S.)] decodes the Brain [Central Nervous System (C.N.S.)] radioelectromagnetic & biochemical signals via radioelectromagnetic & biochemical real time analysis. The brain will sees through the cameras of the robotic body, will hears through the microphone of robotic body, will speaks through the speakers of robotic body, & etc. through the sophisticated functions of the robotic body, which will be such as the biological body up to a point. The consignation of the radioelectromagnetic & biochemical signals to brain & the receivement of the radioelectromagnetic & biochemical signals by the brain will help with the use of the robotic body.


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