We must find how to wake up the functions of the organisms with a non-invasive way. I think that the multiple targeted electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity, etc. control) plus targeted biochemical substances through encapsulated medicines of nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale or/and engineered immune cells of nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale, will be able to wake up the levels of function power of the inner organism (neurons-axons-synapses-tissues-organs-muscles-cells-etc). We should be able to send & nanoscale-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale organic & biocompatible permanent implants into the organs with a sophisticated targeted way (through external ultrasound waves & through ultrasound-assisted biodegradable & bioartificial membranes or with simple bioartificial membranes with specific receptors), in order to anchor there & send the electromagnetic & biochemical data of the organs-organism into our mobile phones, & in order to wake up always the nervous system of the organs & generally of the organism (when it will be a must) through safe electromagnetic forces, which will be powered by the ions of the organism & by the wireless waves of the antennas. These implants must be organic semi-automated (through mobile or/and computer control) biosensors & stimulators at the same time & their consignations should become through nasal sprays, through oral medications & through injections.


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