Creation of extreme fast nanodrones-robotic wasps which will be like the real wasps, which will contain tomato juice instead of blood, durable elastic polymers for wings & specific polymers exactly such as bones in order to do not understand the people what is going on if they kill them such as the real wasps. They should be exactly such as the real wasps. These nanodrones-robotic wasps should have organic nanocameras instead of eyes (of extreme high analysis with 360 degrees view & with night vision) plus organic nanomicrophone of extreme high analysis, & machine vision of 360 degress plus thermal-movement-etc. detectors of 360 degrees with automated detection in order to spy, implant nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale biocompatible organic implants (through the machine vision will be able to understand who has the implant, and who is not, in order to go to sting & implant intramuscular the sophisticated implants-biosensors with geolocation), & paralyze with a safe way through strong anesthetic the criminals when it is a must for safe arrest reasons by the security forces. Each nanodrone-robotic wasp will contains a lot of nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale implants-biosensors into their darts for a lot of implantations & will contains strong anesthetic for immobilization reasons. They will be used in mass scale missions & they will be reusable, if they stay alive from the people, for cost & time saving reasons. These extreme fast aggresive nanodrones-robotic wasps will load-charge through their wings-movements-etc. moves, through its thermoelectricity by the thermal energy of its movements, through the wireless networks-waves-fields (a central drone will have the antenna of Starlink of SpaceX in order to be connected on satellite internet from where will be powered the rest of swarm drones via wireless fields), & through etc. sophisticated ways.

Establishment of e-identification & e-transactions only by the use of a smartphone (with a universal-single inviolable operating system) with the use of internet & of a payment terminal [after PIN & fingerprint scan, & after the specific IP-RFID-QR code detection of each smartphone (which will be updated each time via internet with the specific e-ID of each citizen)]. Smartphone must be used everywhere mandatory, because it will be (such as a ID, Passport, Driving License, Work Card, Insurance Card, Health Card-Booklet, Bank Card, State & Institutional Documents & Certifications, & Etc.) for everything, it will comes a new era of safety because of data (each smartphone has eyes, ears, mouth, geolocation, biosensors, sensors, face-iris-veins-fingerprint-speech scan, & etc.) archive. Each smartphone must decode & influence the C.N.S. (Central Nervous System) & generally the vital system of its user & through its electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams by its antenna & by its screen [Useful patents: (1) Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, (2) Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems, (3) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, (4) Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver, (5) Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, (6) Method and apparatus for generating subliminal visual messages, (7) Silent subliminal presentation system, (8) Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, (9) Electromagnetic wave sensing and modulating of neuronal activities, (10) Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system, (11) Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound, & (~) etc. similar style patents]. Finally, each smartphone should send the data of each citizen (also the data of citizen’s implant) to the inviolable cloud (which will has everything in hierarchy) folder of citizen with hierarchy via artificial intelligence-automation for easy data mining reasons.

Boeing X-37B can become the most extreme superweapon that can be exist. Equipment of Boeing X-37B with non-nuclear & non-hydrogen Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs). It can be equipped with over 50-100 MIRVs [which each one of them must have electromagnetic shield, which must be quantum stealth, which must have quantum radar of 360 degrees view in order to deactivate (equipment with Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system) & destroy (equipment with Israeli Iron Beam) the incoming missiles of enemies which through tortuosities-maneuvers will be able to avoid them, even without the use of Scorpius-G & Iron Beam mechatronic systems. The reusable Boeing X-37B must be equipped also with sophisticated electromagnetic shield, it must be quantum stealth, it must have quantum radar of 360 degrees view such as Russian Container (29B6) Radar, it must have the Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system, it must have Israeli Iron Beam, & it must emits all types of the electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity & etc. control. Boeing X-37B will cooperate with the MIRVs by Space in order to be successful each one of them (of MIRVs) on their targets. Boeing X-37B will deactivate & destroy all the space (satellites) & earth infrastructures of enemies through multiple electromagnetic spectrum emissions & through the MIRVs. With the same scientific achievements must be equipped & the Capella-2 satellites which see through obstacles [& which must be equipped with electromagnetic spectrum shield, with quantum stealth coating, with quantum radar of 360 degrees view such as Russian Container (29B6) Radar, with multiple-mass universal RFID-implant-biosensor tracking system, with inviolable quantum operating-telecommunication-encryption system, with laser beams for inviolable telecommunications, & with mechatronic machine which will emits electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity & etc. control) such as Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system & such as Israeli Iron Beam] & the Falcons 9 of SpaceX (which must contain a lot of sophisticated MIRVs, such as these that mentioned before). The cooperation between all these through artificial & human intelligence, through automation & semi-automation, through secret-safe sophisticated operating & telecommunication system will bring a new Era of security on a global level. Finally, it must become mass consignation of a lot of reusable Boeing X-37B & SpaceX Falcons 9 drones for maximum results.

All the email providers & social media need reboot-restart with new rules-laws-norms. For the creation of an account, each user must has to put a mobile phone number & a specific identification number of her/his specific State Document (which will exists in every State), in order to there is copyright & security. Twitter-Meta (Facebook)-LinkedIn-Etc. social media should become something such as the patent system with scientific achievements database, positive & negative research database, & ideas for scientific achievements (discoveries, innovations, inventions, etc). In this case, each Citizen of the Planet will tries to create-discover-innovate-invent something in order to be funded, because social media will have already been transformed & into fundraising websites. Copyright is a big factor, which will contribute with a positive way to the global society. In a World, where all the operating systems will need a Universal State Document such as ID for identification & registration, in order to can be used the operating system, will comes a new era of e-security. Artificial intelligence (such as Cortana) must be able to detects the dangerous material into the documents (before be uploaded into the web) of the operating system users & the dangerous actions of operating system users (into the web), in order to alarm the security forces & stop the danger in a record time (the same identification & registration must becomes & into all the email providers & into all the social media for security reasons). Finally, for Democratic reasons should exist referendums for everything, with the possibility to add each one her/his idea in order to be found the best available solution-s by the big minds of the Planet.

We should create through scientists a sophisticated robotic mechatronic machine such as solarium, where we will enter, in order to scan us with an automated way from all the views (whole body) in a record time through the latest best scientific achievements & in order to cure us with an automated or/and semi-automated or/and manual way through multiple targeted safe electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams, such as targeted low-intensity ultrasound, such as proton radiation (if it is safe), such as proton irradiation (if it is safe), such as FLASH radiotherapy (if it is safe), such as stereotactic body radiation therapy (if it is safe), such as low-intensity or/and high amplitude microsecond-length ultrasound pulses—acoustic cavitation ultrasound & etc. It should be able also to do laparoscopic surgeries & targeted injections with sophisticated long syringes to the targeted place-s, which will inject the safe medicine-s, in order to cure the problem-s. We must be ready to cure the problem-s with a non-invasive way, and if it will be not possible, we must be able to try the next best options (laparoscopy or/and injections).

Finally, we must find how to wake up the functions of the organisms with a non-invasive way. I think that the multiple targeted electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity, etc. control) plus targeted biochemical substances through encapsulated medicines of nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale or/and engineered immune cells of nano-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale, will be able to wake up the levels of function power of the inner organism (neurons-axons-synapses-tissues-organs-muscles-cells-etc). We should be able to send & nanoscale-atomic-subatomic-picometre scale organic & biocompatible permanent implants into the organs with a sophisticated targeted way (through external ultrasound waves & through ultrasound-assisted biodegradable & bioartificial membranes or with simple bioartificial membranes with specific receptors), in order to anchor there & send the electromagnetic & biochemical data of the organs-organism into our mobile phones, & in order to wake up always the nervous system of the organs & generally of the organism (when it will be a must) through safe electromagnetic forces, which will be powered by the ions of the organism & by the wireless waves of the antennas. These implants must be organic semi-automated (through mobile or/and computer control) biosensors & stimulators at the same time & their consignations should become through nasal sprays, through oral medications & through injections by syringes.


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