Creation of picometer scale liquid crystal antennas-implants-biosensors (for those that need them), which will charge-load by the body’s natural ions & which will use the body’s occuring ions to help transmit data wirelessly. These implants must be into biocompatible nanoscale or picoscale permanent hydrogels with specific biocompatible & biodegradable artificial membrane, which will research for the specific electromagnetism, electrochemistry, biochemistry & etc. specific biomarkers of neurons-axons-synapses in order to be dissolved there & the hydrogel to be converted with the neurons-axons-synapses through it’s transformation into solid state by the physical & chemical stimuli of the neurons-axons-synapses. The consignation of the nano or pico scale antennas into the brain for brain-machine interface must become by olfactory nerve via nasal sprays (which must contain thousands-millions-billions of these type of picoscale biocompatible antennas).


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