Scientists should create a multidimensional semi-automated robotic-mechatronic laboratory, which must contain all kinds of sensors (biochemical sensors, electromagnetic spectrum sensors, temperature sensors, & all the other types of sensors that can exist) and which must be able to take samples from the space objects (planets, asteroids, comets, meteorites, & etc.) through robotic arms and small drones (air, ground, underground, fire-lava, water, underwater, etc. drones which will have electromagnetic spectrum panels through multiple layers, something such as solar panels, in order to there is energy production for their missions) with all the sensors that can exist, in order to analyze them there, without having to come back. This robotic lab will have to be put into the reusable spacecrafts, such as the Boeing X-37B, which should land everywhere such as F-35 & which can become nuclear-powered. The spacecraft (spacedrone) will do analysis through its external sensors in order to see if it can land there with safety (for example, temperature & etc. measurements in order to land there or to send the appropriate for the planet small drones from a distance to do the job). Finally, the communication between the Earth & the spacecraft plus its drones must become via sophisticated secret simple or quantum operating system with quantum & etc. cryptographies, laser beams & other sophisticated ways for security reasons.


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