Boeing X-37B can become the most extreme superweapon that can be exist. Equipment of Boeing X-37B with non-nuclear & non-hydrogen Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs). It can be equipped with over 50-100 MIRVs [which each one of them must have electromagnetic shield, which must be quantum stealth, which must have quantum radar of 360 degrees view in order to deactivate (equipment with Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system) & destroy (equipment with Israeli Iron Beam) the incoming missiles of enemies which through tortuosities-maneuvers will be able to avoid them, even without the use of Scorpius-G & Iron Beam mechatronic systems. The reusable Boeing X-37B must be equipped also with sophisticated electromagnetic shield, it must be quantum stealth, it must have quantum radar of 360 degrees view such as Russian Container (29B6) Radar, it must have the Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare system, it must have Israeli Iron Beam, & it must emits all types of the electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity & etc. control. Boeing X-37B will cooperate with the MIRVs by Space in order to be successful each one of them (of MIRVs) on their targets. Boeing X-37B will deactivate & destroy all the space (satellites) & earth infrastructures of enemies through multiple electromagnetic spectrum emissions & through the MIRVs. With the same scientific achievements must be equipped & the Capella-2 satellites which see through obstacles & the Falcons 9 of SpaceX. The cooperation between all these through artificial & human intelligence, through automation & semi-automation, through secret-safe sophisticated operating & telecommunication system will bring a new Era of security on a global level. Finally, it must become mass consignation of a lot of reusable Boeing X-37B & SpaceX Falcons 9 drones for maximum results.


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