The economic & governance system should become e-economic & e-governance system via the establishment of e-identification & e-transactions (all types of transactions to become e-transactions only) only by mandatory-for-use smartphones, tablets, & computers (which have cameras, microphones, speakers, geolocation, RFID-IP identification, biometric data, data & etc., & which must have via mandatory installation by internet specific algorithms-artificial intelligence in order to convert videos, photos, audios, documents, texts-messages & etc. into words in order to understand them the artificial & the human intelligence when it is a must for security reasons), which have RFID microchips (the RFID microchips will take the unique number of citizen through internet in order to connect to the respective folder of the citizen on the inviolable cloud of the inviolable supercomputer by an inviolable smartphone-tablet-computer application, which will keeps the history of the data of the citizen) & which can have & QR code for double e-identification by the smartphones-payment terminals & by the internet. Smartphones must replace the State Cards (ID Card, Passport Card, Driving License, Health-Work-Insurance-Etc. Card, State Documents, Institutional Certificates, tickets for means of transport, & everything other that exists) & the Bank Card (each citizen will has only one Bank Account-Card with her/his unique identification number-ID). Smartphones must replace even the keys of means of transport (cars, motorbikes, buses, aeroplanes, helicopters, boats, drones, & etc. must have to do e-identification via the smartphones in order to be functioned). The technique will be safe, because they will be able to use RFID-IP identifications, biometric data (to the personal device of the citizen) such as fingerprints & eye-speech identification, PIN-Password, OTP, QR code, & etc. The only that we need is internet connection everywhere through earth & space antennas (satellites). It must be mentioned that antennas must be able to emit multiple safe-controlled (wavelength-range, frequency, intensity & etc. control) & targeted electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (such as Israeli Scorpius-G electronic warfare mechatronic system) through RFID geolocation-detection when it is a must in order to paralyze the criminals & to arrest them the security forces with a safe way. Instead of electromagnetic spectrum fields by antennas, security forces will be able to use and electromagnetic spectrum fields & other sophisticated possibilities by swarms of robotic drones with automated detection or/and semi-automated detection of the bad guys for security reasons.


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