Creation of portable scanners, which through sophisticated X, G, & etc. waves-pulses-rays-beams & artificial intelligence will decode the design-creation of scientific achievements, and will show through reverse engineering-biochemistry-etc., how this scientific achievement was created step by step, in order to we be able to create this from the beginning without the need of the desired knowledge. The next huge step will be the establishment of this scanners on the state-of-art quantum stealth satellites & to quantum stealth spacecraft drones such as Falcons 9 of SpaceX or/and X-37 of Boeing or/and something more sophisticated, which all of them will use state-of-art quantum laser beam communication (for safety reasons), state-of-art biocompatible nano-atomic-subatomic scale implants universal tracking system, state-of-art microchips universal tracking system (for mechatronic devices), state-of-art quantum radar [such as Russian Container (29B6) radar, which must be transformed into quantum radar] & state-of-art multiple electromagnetic spectrum fields-waves-pulses-rays-beams (a combination between Israel Scorpius-G, Iron Beam, & etc. mechatronic machines) with wavelength-range, frequency, intensity & etc. control (which can be used also for mass deactivation-destruction of enemies mechatronic devices-machines via multiple extreme intensity laser beams or with more sophisticated multiple waves-pulses-rays-beams of electromagnetic spectrum), in order to decode the design-creation of scientific achievements on mass scale from space.


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