E-governance, e-identification & e-transactions only via mandatory-for-use smartphones [each smartphone will be mandatory-for-use because it will be for everything. People-Users will use it at their arrival & at their departure at their jobs (they will use it to the RFID reader of their job) such as work card, they will use it at every transaction, they will use it at hospitals because it will be their health card with their health data, they will use it in order to drive because it will have the informations of the own means of transport & of their driving skills – licenses, they will use it at all the mass means of transport as daily-weekly-monthly-yearly ticket, they will use it as a passport in order to travel, they will use it as ID for identification & they will use it at everything else that exists & it will exists] which will have nano-sized or particle-sized RFID chip & QR code with the unique citizen identification number on their smartphone & SIM [[Coronavirus Passport is the correct path for the completion of e-governance via m-governance. The personal RFID & QR code of each person with her/his unique identification number should contain all the informations of the citizen on the inviolable cloud. It should absorb at once all the other cards, such as ID card, Passport, health booklet-card, work card, driving license, transport fold, fortune & etc. data of the citizen. It should become all-in-one nano-sized or particle-sized RFID chip & QR code, which will connects to the inviolable cloud, which will have in a hierarchical structure all the data of the citizen-s [implant if exists, genealogy tree, marital status, photographs (photographs of adolescence and later of adulthood), tangible and intangible properties (plots, estates, housing, business, means of transport & etc), educational level (what the citizen has acquired through education and training), work experience – internships – volunteering of citizen, unemployment (if exists), businesses – services (if exist), her/his biometric data + vaccinations + diseases + prescriptions of drugs + all her/his health examinations over the years in electronic form + blood type + etc, work diplomas – etc diplomas, driving license (if exists), military obligations (if exists), type of disability (if exists), criminal record (if exists), fines (if exists), tax declarations & etc, her/his telephone numbers as well as her/his home internet connection (ip number/s), and everything other that exists and will exist]. It should be accessible via personal password & OTP for safety reasons. The final move must be the absorption of bank card for e-payments only with smartphones via internet with password & OTP, & via RFID & QR code & RFID-QR code reader]].

Humanity can charge-load satellites through electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams (laser & etc. beams) by Earth (ground) in order to be able the satellites to use electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams with range, frequency & intensity control into the Earth & etc. space objects. These new generation satellites must be & such as Capella-2 satellites with telescope-camera that see through obstacles such as weather, walls, ground & etc., with quantum stealth technology, & with quantum radar & etc. sophisticated radars such as Russian 29B6 (Container). Finally, they must be such as Scorpius-G electronic warfare system, which detects all the threats at real time & destroy them via multiple laser & etc. electromagnetic beams at once & they must emit safe levels of electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams internet connectivity to the RFID of mechatronic devices & of existences.

P.S. At the future these satellites must be able to detect the thoughts & actions of the dangerous people through safe quantum stealth sophisticated biocompatible intramuscular implants by syringes [Ultra-low energy Nano-Sized or Particle-Sized Near-Field Communication (NFC) antennas (without magnetic properties), which will be inside biocompatible bioglass or polyimide coating to be equipped with Wireless Charging Specification (WCS). They should be in biodegradable & permanent style for implantation reasons via syringes], in order to paralyze them from space (before they commit a criminal action) through safe electromagnetic waves-pulses-beams. These satellites which should cover the whole Planet or/and Planets, they should monitor everything around the Planet or/and Planets, & they should be able to emit multiple electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams such as Scorpius-G electronic warfare system & better.


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