Humanity can charge-load satellites through electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams (laser & etc. beams) by Earth (ground) in order to be able the satellites to use electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams with range, frequency & intensity control into the Earth & etc. space objects. These new generation satellites must be & such as Capella-2 satellites with camera that see through obstacles such as weather, walls, ground & etc., with quantum stealth technology, & with quantum radar & etc. sophisticated radars such as 29B6 [Container (which is able to detect thousands of targets simultaneously)]. Finally, they must be such as Scorpius-G electronic warfare system, which detect all the threats at real time & destroy them via multiple laser & etc. electromagnetic beams at once & they must emit safe levels of electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams internet connectivity to the RFID of mechatronic devices & of existences.

P.S. At the future these satellites must be able to detect the thoughts & actions of the dangerous people through safe particle-sized quantum stealth sophisticated biocompatible intramuscular implants by syringes, in order to paralyze them from space through safe electromagnetic waves-pulses-beams. These satellites which should cover the whole Planet or/and Planets, they should monitor everything around the Planet or/and Planets, & they should be able to emit multiple electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams such as Scorpius-G electronic warfare system & better.


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