We can achieve a real Democracy with the creation of an inviolable referendums e-platform (which should be translated in all the languages of the world) for everything with the possibility by the citizens to add & their ideas except only of the multiple choice of our choices-selections in order to there is continuous progress on every issue. Democracy means to be everyone free to express her/his opinions with a polite way in order to there is progress. Through the interactions with others & generally with the informations we take from life, we become more intelligent existences. That should become on a big scale in order to there is difference for the better. Every opinion is valuable. Everyone has excellent knowledge about some sectors but not for all. Nobody knows everything. So, we need cooperation with reliability, mutual respect & mutual understanding in order to bring a more positive change for everyone’s life & everyone to be happy because she/he will be part of the solution or/and solutions , because everyone of the rest of people will knows her/him for the contributions to the society & to the rest of the creations that exist on our Planet. With the establishment of the correct ethics, rules, & algorithms (which will monitor the ethics & rules), we can achieve a real form of a Global Democracy, where all the scientists will cooperate & coordinate in order to find all the possible short term & long term optical views of the problem/s in order to give the multidimensional instructions to the people in order to there are excellent solutions by them. Finally, all the people will join into the platform with their specific Internet Protocol (I.P.) of the SIM of their mobile phones or by the Internet Protocol (I.P.) of their home connection in order to can detect-identify who have excellent or/and bad behavior & in order to detect-identify everyone the person/people who give/s the solutions.

P.S. Everyone should have the right to submit one solution each time for each sector-theme with the possibility to edit-update it when she/he will want.


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