We need to create an inviolable cloud system-database, where will exist all the reliable-verified informations that exist on the whole internet (patents, scientific databases, universities & etc) & where will exist & an algorithm, which will absorbs all these reliable-verified informations by scientists & will search for not verified informations on the whole internet (the algorithm must be able to convert videos, audios, documents, pictures & etc into words in order to can read & understand them) plus the old internet database, in order to be monitored for the confrontation of the misinformation that exist & do damage especially in times of crisis. This tactic can be transformed through the mandatory installation of artificial intelligence into all the operating systems of the mechatronic devices (computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones & etc) through mandatory internet updates, which will pass all the documents of the devices into an another similar inviolable cloud system-database such as the previous one, where sophisticated algorithms will compare the 2 different inviolable cloud databases (the verified informations & the unverified informations) in order to detect & show to the officials & security forces everything from data till the Internet Protocol (I.P.) of each device. Finally, all the public informations that exist on the internet should be categorized into 2 categories in times of crisis, such as verified informations & unverified informations in a record time (by artificial intelligence) for safety reasons.


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