If we can send satellites into the orbit of the other Planets, which will scan Them & set coordinates to Their surfaces, we will be able to send non-nuclear – non-hydrogen safe extreme hypersonic ICBMs of 30-50-150-500-etc mach, which will be huge & which will land & hook up with safety into Their surfaces (such as Falcon rockets-spacecrafts of SpaceX) via correct coordinates in order to unfold the huge multidimensional sophisticated electromagnetic spectrum wave-pulses-beams flexible panels [which will be from flexible sophisticated materials (each one of them should have a lot of different layers which will absorb all the forms of energy)] such as solar panels but not only for solar energy, which (the sophisticated electromagnetic spectrum panels) will be tied up inside the huge ICBMs. The specific range-size of these panels & the specific surface coordinates of Planets will help with the full cover of Their surfaces with the huge sophisticated electromagnetic spectrum wave-pulses-beams panels. If we could transform the Planets & Etc into huge sophisticated electromagnetic spectrum panels & send the energy from Them (the Planets & Etc) via targeted electromagnetic beams such as microwave & laser beams wherever we want, we would be able to provide clean electricity plus telecommunications into our Planet & into the Universe. Except from all the previous technologies of these panels, they should have & a sophisticated telescope-camera of extreme high analysis, which (the sophisticated telescope-camera) should be able to see through obstacles (such as bad weather, night, walls & etc) such as Capella-2 satellites in order to protect (through lasting monitoring) the innocent People from the criminal ones through safe levels targeted electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams. Finally, each sophisticated ICBM should have at the center the system which will emits the electromagnetic spectrum waves-pulses-beams with range, frequency & volume control (& each ICBM around its central system should have a quantum radar), & the power should be transferred through their smart electrical grid (which will have) with an automated way at the correct ICBMs which will be at the correct location each time, which will see the Planet Earth (our Planet).


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