If we can send satellites into the orbit of the Moon, which will scan it & set coordinates to the surface of the Moon, we will be able to send non-nuclear – non-hydrogen ICBMs which will be huge & which will hook up with safety into correct coordinates in order to unfold the sophisticated solar panels, which will be tied up inside the ICBMs. The specific range-size of their solar panels & the specific coordinates will help with the full cover of the surface of Moon with huge sophisticated solar panels. If we could transform Moon into a huge sophisticated solar panel & send the energy from It via targeted electromagnetic beams such as microwave & laser beams wherever we want, we would be able to provide clean electricity + telecommunications into our Planet & into the Universe.

The same should become into Planet Aphrodite but instead of solar panels technology to have low-orbit thermoelectric satellites which will send the energy via electromagnetic beams wherever we want in order to power with electricity + telecommunications the Earth & Universe.

Universe has infinity power, which Humanity must make use of it. We can use the electromagnetic spectrum-radiation, temperature & etc of Space, plus the temperatures, the winds, the waves & everything other that exists into the Planets. The energy plus telecommunications will be transmitted via targeted electromagnetic pulses-beams such as microwave & laser pulses-beams by satellite mirrors & other sophisticated techniques.

We should create everything via reusable rockets-spacecrafts, which will go & land to other Planets in order to analyze them via built-in sensors (all the sensors that can exist). These reusable rockets-spacecrafts should be able also to take samplings, scan everything & let robots which will do all the jobs there. When the mission will be finished, they should come back to Earth in order to analyze the Humanity the samples of the Planets in automated biochemical labs. We must send & satellites into orbit on all the Planets of the Universe on the following years which will scan them & send the data via safe laser beams back to Earth for analysis.

We should be able to transform uninhabitable Planets into habitables, until to find friendly for life Planets on the Universe with the passing of time through the progress of the scientific achievements.

If there can be a safe nuclear-hydrogen & matter-antimatter explosion into space, we should be able to send extreme hypersonic nuclear-hydrogen & matter-antimatter glider vehicles or ICBMs near the space threats in order to change their trajectory for safety reasons.


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