Planet needs solarium style automated multidimensional & ultrasonic ultrasound tomography mechatronic machines, which will scan whole organisms for the detection of tumors in order to treat them at the same time via focused low-intensity ultrasound pulses.

Also, Planet needs similar solarium style automated radiation mechatronic machines, which will destroy the cancer – tumors from the body at once through multiple Flash Radiotherapy or/and multiple Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) at the same time in the whole body – organism after safe clinical trials in order to treat the cancer – tumors.

Finally, after the solarium style automated mechatronic machines treatments, People should receive & all the other stimulations (biological – light – ultrasound – sound – wave – vibration – pulse – magnetic – electrical – etc stimulations) in order to awake her/his nervous system & her/his body functions.



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