In ancient times there was the exchange of goods and services, until money came to the fore as a mean of exchange. Since then, for thousands of years it has existed in the same form and has become countless times the target of fraudsters for forgery, in order to they have the power that money offers. We see many illegalities in the name of money, sometimes small and sometimes big that have a bad impact on our society. It will have to evolve at some point in the near or distant future in a form where the specific illegalities will be impossible to be achieved, in order to be stabilized the society through the elimination of crime – illegality.

This should become through the Bank Card which should contain RFID nanomicrochip, which will contains the unique personal number of each citizen of the world. The RFID nanomicrochip should connect with the inviolable cloud system where will exist the electronic data of the citizen on a family tree style system with many branches. More specifically, in the beginning it should have the real family tree of the individual (family status) and as it progresses, it will contains all the elements – details – informations of the citizen, such as her/his photographs (photographs of adolescence and later of adulthood), tangible and intangible properties (plots, estates, housing, business, means of transport & etc), educational level (what the citizen has acquired through education and training), work experience – internships – volunteering of citizen, unemployment (if exists), businesses – services (if exist), her/his biometric data + vaccinations + diseases + prescriptions of drugs + all her/his health examinations over the years in electronic form, work diplomas – etc diplomas, driving license (if exists), military obligations (if exists), type of disability (if exists), criminal record (if exists), fines (if exists), tax declarations & etc, her/his telephone numbers as well as her/his home internet connection (ip number/s), and everything other that exists and will exist, within a specific file that will be in hierarchical electronic form just such as a family tree has. All files will be in electronic form and will be collected in the electronic file of the citizen, which will contain the one and only number of the citizen.

By using an e-mail and a simple code + code by mobile phone-phone message or/and e-mail for safety reasons, the citizen should be able to see all her/his details at any time and from wherever she/he is, without being able to process them. Whenever she/he wants to edit them (the elements/details/informations), she/he should go to the competent department either with live presence, either via teleconference presence, and through an appropriate identification by the officials, she/he should be able to change them from there, if they need a change. Citizens should be able to receive public/private services through live presence or/and through teleconference after their appropriate identification by the officials.

With this way, i.e. through the Internet, various referendums could be established, as well as electronic competitions, where the citizen could answer directly, either as an anonymous user, or as original user, to important issues, with the simultaneous acquisition of copyright, in order to be provided incentives for action aimed at her/his profits and at the same time production of a project which will help the State.

Every service (if there will exist and not everything will be done via the internet) should have an RFID tracking system-reader, in order to see the relevant data of the citizen, in order to proceed to the appropriate action [e.g., a policewoman/man, she/he should have a wireless RFID reader in order to see in real time if the perpetrator actually has the ownership of the mean of transport, if he/she has a license and security for the mean of transport and anything else that will be related to the driver and the car, as well as the violations, as well as the fines for improper driving behavior & as well as etc]. It should be emphasized that for the security of the personal data of the citizen, each service should have limited access to the data of the citizen, more specifically, only in terms of the service sector.

Through this technique, all the data will be in a unique number, the citizen number, which will be contained in a specific card, which will be the Bank Card, in order to simplify and evolve the system. In case the person does not know much about technology and wants a specific data at her/his hands, she/he should be able to receive the data in printed form from the competent service (e.g., the blood tests from the hospital or medical laboratory, the tax declarations from the relevant – corresponding service and all the other documents from the corresponding – respective services/organizations).

Global establishment of digital transactions only, which will become only with computers (via i-bank with an entry of an automated different code everytime through a message to the mobile phones of the citizens – users) & with Bank Cards & mobile phones – tablets (via RFID nanomicrochip & via i-bank) through payment terminals (P.O.S.) with an entry of a code. All of them must contain a GPS system & a SIM card which have RFID nanomicrochip, which will contain the unique identification number of each citizen of the world such as Bank Cards in order to be tracked through the RFID tracking systems of satellites (satellites which see through clouds – bad weather, through walls & through everything), central antennas & antennas of IoT devices when it is a must for safety reasons. The Bank Cards, computers & mobile phones – tablets should contain all the informations of the citizens – users like their ID, passport, health card, work card, driving license & etc, all-in-one on their specific RFID nanomicrochip (all the devices of a citizen will contain the same unique RFID nanomicrochip number) which will be updated by the single cloud database (only officials will have access to edit the cloud database with limited access only on what they should know when it is a must for privacy & safety reasons). Each mechatronic device such as computer-tablet-mobile phone will act exactly such as Bank Card & Payment Terminal (each mechatronic device should be also such as a Payment Terminal through QR code & QR code reader) when it is a must via RFID microchip & RFID tracking system or/and via QR code & QR code reader for all the kinds of Digital Transactions, & it will contains & Internet Banking (computers-tablets-mobile phones will be used also for internet banking with the entry of a simple code + code by my mobile message for safety reasons). It must be mandatory to have the Bank Cards or/and mobile phones–tablets always with them (the citizens – users).

They will be mandatory because they will be for everything. They will use it at their arrival & at their departure at their jobs (they will use it to the RFID reader of their job) such as work card, they will use it at every transaction, they will use it at hospitals because it will be their health card with their health data, they will use it in order to drive because it will have the informations of the own means of transport & of their driving skills – licenses, they will use it at all the mass means of transport as daily-weekly-monthly-yearly ticket, they will use it as a passport in order to travel, they will use it as ID for identification & they will use it at everything else that exists & it will exists. It will be all-in-one Card (the Bank Card) and Device (computer & mobile phone – tablet) with the RFID nanomicrochip, which will contains the unique number of each citizen.

This whole system should be based on few supercomputers, [from which the half will do not have internet connection (cable or wireless connection) for safety reasons] as well as a cloud system, which will have safety valves, for data security reasons. Finally, the creator – provider of Bank Cards with the RFID nanomicrochips, which will contain the unique number of citizens, it should be a single sophisticated company with sophisticated & safe operating & internet system, in order to there is safety of the global database – data.  Through certain algorithms, in agreement with the employers & with the States, we could end the extreme poverty that exists on this planet by providing the salaries & a global basic income at the same time (for the simplification of the Banking System) in the currencies of the citizens around the World with analogous income scales and analogous scales of education and of project production in order to cover their basic living expenses and to have a life with dignity.

These techniques using these technologies could have countless other positive applications, such as the reducing of crime and road accidents through RFID nanomicrochip tracking system-detectors–readers (where vehicles will have RFID nanomicrochips, and citizens will have RFID nanomicrochips through their Bank Cards which will be & their driving licenses) in every street light and in every traffic light (they could be synchronized with the traffic lights), where they would directly or indirectly notify the police for a traffic light violation, or for parking in an area where a criminal act took place.

The respective governments should have access to the single domestic banking system to a permissible degree, so that there is an utilization of anonymous or even nominal data for wise decision making and progress of the domestic and international community.

Every Bank Card & every mechatronic device such as computer-tablet-mobile phone (will open only after PIN + Fingerprint for safety reasons) will have safety valves. If the citizen will lost something of them, she/he will be able to do reset of the RFID nanomicrochip of Bank Card or/and mechatronic device such as computer-tablet-mobile phone through inviolable Internet or she/he will be able to find it in a record time through geolocation by the police, which will identify it in a record time through the inviolable satellites + central antennas with NoC (Network-on-Chip) + antennas of IoT mechatronic devices [with NoC (Network-on-Chip) & Soc (System-on-a-Chip) respectively] which will have (RFID) nanomicrochip tracking system.

Finally, electronic money, whose transactions will be archived in safe inviolable mechatronic systems, it will bring a new era of security, where illegalities will be impossible to take place and thus crime will be eliminated.


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