We should create extreme fast nanodrones – robotic wasps which will be like real wasps, which will contain tomato sauce instead of blood, durable elastic polymers for wings & specific polymers exactly like the bones instead of real bones in order to does not understand the people what is going on if they kill them like the real wasps. They should be exactly as the real wasps. These nanodrones – robotic wasps will identify their targets (dangerous people) through their eyes which will have RFID tracking system, thermal detection, facial recognition & veins scanner in order to inject – implant to the targets (dangerous people) glucose & ionic liquid-coated hydrogels or nanogels (which will contain inside them RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors) via their stings at the carotid arteries or/and at the vertebral arteries which send blood to the brain in order to pass from the blood-brain barrier & be implanted via automated hook up into the neurons, neurotransmitters, synapses, receptors & etc with their subcategories via their artificial membrane which will identify – detect them from their electromagnetic waves – fields & etc specific biochemical functions [identification of neurons, neurotransmitters, synapses, receptors & etc via their specific biomarkers (through the artificial membrane of hydrogels or nanogels) & electromagnetic signals]. They will be aggressive robotic wasps, from the time that they will identify – detect the targets, they will go to sting them. Their darts will contain a lot of RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors & the nanodrones – robotic wasps will be reusable if they stay alive from the people for cost & time saving. These extreme fast nanodrones – robotic wasps will load – charge through their wings moves & through the wireless networks – waves – fields. The wireless networks – waves – fields through antennas, wifi & etc telecommunication networks – waves – fields will show us the location of the implanted RFID nanomicrochips in order to be monitored the dangerous criminals for the avoidance of bad situations. These noninvasive implantable brain & not only RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors will read the electromagnetic signals of the brain in order to decode them & know the thoughts of the targets as & their vital functions, also their location & their identification number. If the electromagnetic networks – waves – fields of antennas, wifi, IoT devices & etc can decode & manipulate the nervous system of the targets (dangerous people) as the patent “Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors”, we can know whose exactly are the thoughts through the implantable nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors which will contain the identification number of them (of the dangerous people). Finally, there are technologies like Electroencephalography (EEG), Magnetoencephalography (MEG) & Ultrasound which can read – decode & manipulate the electromagnetic waves – signals of the brain without invasive surgery in order to understand the thoughts of the people, so these brain implantable RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors through nanodrones – robotic wasps will do the same & better job from the combination of EEG, MEG & Ultrasound technologies & they will be able to upload or/and download informations directly to/from the brain – memory in order to manipulate it in a combination with the electromagnetic networks – waves – fields of the antennas – wifi – IoT – etc for safety reasons.

These nanodrones – robotic wasps which will identify through their eyes which will have RFID tracking system, thermal detection, facial recognition & veins scanner (in order to identify who criminals have already implanted RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors in order to avoid them & go to the others who does not have for implantation) can implant also the RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors to every part of the bodies (intramuscular) of the criminals in order to identify them the RFID tracking systems & electromagnetic waves – fields from antennas, wifi, IoT & etc which will be everywhere (from IoT devices to lambs – lights till satellites). We will monitor them through secret operating & telecommunication system. All the RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors must be quantum stealth without metals in order to do not create problem with MRI & etc scans & they should emit EEG, MEG & Ultrasound in order to decode the signals of neurons, neurotransmitters, synapses, receptors & etc & at the same time to diagnose DNA, RNA & etc biological material with their subcategories in order to we have together with the outer electromagnetic waves – fields, a full analysis of the functions of their organisms. Simple artificial intelligence & quantum artificial intelligence, machine learning & quantum machine learning, deep learning & quantum deep learning, reinforcement learning & quantum reinforcement learning, wireless & quantum networks with secret & sophisticated cryptographies, secret operating system & secret cloud computing with a specific program – database, computer vision, DNA digital data storage & etc characteristics of supercomputers & quantum supercomputers will help us to gather & analyze all the informations with easy & effective way.

We should create also nanodrones – robotic flies like exactly the nanodrones – robotic wasps which will have new generation cameras instead of eyes (in order to do not understand us the criminals) which will be shown like real eyes for real time monitoring of the criminals & we should create & mosquitoes which will be like the nanodrones – robotic flies & wasps but with safe poison which will paralyze the criminals in a record time for police – military operations where we will want to arrest them easy without problems.

All the nanodrones – robotic insects should work on an individual level and/or on a mass level as swarms for small or big operations.

Finally, we should create quantum stealth satellites (or with more sophisticated secret stealth technology) with quantum & etc radars, with new generation telescope – camera (which will contain & night vision), with invisible ultimate power laser, with invisible ultimate power particle beams, with ultimate power microwaves, with ultimate power G & X rays, with ultimate power pulses (pulses which will total destroy their target for planetary defense) & electromagnetic pulses, with ultimate power active denial system (like V-MADS) & with ultimate power long range acoustic device (like LRADs). Every weapon system for defense from ICBMs, space threats & etc should be with range & volume control. All the new generation – sophisticated satellites should contain (each one of them) all the previous technologies (all-in-one) & they should have fusion power or other sophisticated power technology for unlimited power & finally they should have RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines tracking system in order to track the quantum stealth RFIDs in a combination with the antennas of Earth like central antennas, wifi, IoT antennas & etc from where the quantum stealth RFID nanomicrochips – nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines (which will does not have metals for safety reasons) will powered through wireless waves – networks.


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