Author: Chaideftos Chaideftos


Abstract—Implantable safe biodegradable or permanent nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines – nanonbiosensors (from safe biomaterials for the organisms without metals that are dangerous due to MRI scans) for real-time monitoring of organs, tissues, neurons, neurotransmitters, synapses, receptors, cells, molecules, submolecules, atomic particles, subatomic particles & etc with their subcategories in order to prevent deadly diseases via the consignation of biodegradable nanomedicines – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines – nanobiosensors (from safe biomaterials) which will contain safe therapeutic medical substances (biological or biochemical substances) such as Hamlet, Gamlet & etc & which will be monitored via ultrasound scans until to reach the desirable targets in order to be activated via ultrasound pulses. Except of the therapeutic medical substances, we should try biological – light – ultrasound – sound – wave – vibration – pulse – magnetic – electrical – etc stimulations (all types of stimulations on all the body at the same time) together with FLASH radiotherapy [when it will be safe (on all the body at the same time)] in order to wake up the functions of the organisms & to confront dangerous diseases [it must be mentioned that low-intensity ultrasound & FLASH radiotherapy (when it will be safe) can be used in order to treat cancer & pathogens]. Continuous real-time monitoring of the genetic–biological actions & interactions of nanites, genetics, biochemistry & all type of stimulations through nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines will give us an overview about everything.

Keywords—All types of Stimulations, Cloud Computing, DNA Digital Data Storage, Endoscopic Mechatronic Machine, Evolution of Organisms, Evolved Immune Cells, Flash radiation, Full Connected Bioprinted or/and Artificial Organs – Tissues – Muscles – Veins – Neurons – Neurotransmitters – Synapses – Receptors – Etc with their subcategories, Gamlet, Glucose & Ionic Liquid-coated Hydrogels or Nanogels, Glucose & Ionic Liquid-coated Nanites – Nanomachines – Molecular Machines, Hamlet, Implantable safe Nanites – Nanomachines – Molecular Machines – Nanobiosensors, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Mechatronic Systems, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Deep Learning, Quantum Internet, Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Supercomputers, Silver-Gold-Graphene Nanoparticles, Ultrasound, Ultraviolet Light, Wireless Networks, Wireless Vital Signs Radars.


We live in a period where diseases due to physical or technical issues reap human lives. Health science & technology evolution can save lives through the implementation of genius tactics. It should be created a single global cloud health science & technology database which will growth through the entry of data to specific templates (which will be available in all the languages of the world) for each scientific field of one only cloud computing program in order to there is data registration from all the scientists of the world who will keep the copyright of their data. Before the data go public will be supervised by top scientists of each field around the world through experiments – tests & etc in order to be reliable the database. Translators – interpreters will translate the data after their acceptance to all the languages of the world. Cooperation, coordination, reliability & mutual respect will lead to the progress of health science & technology for the betterment of our global society.


  • Implantation of nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines to organisms via circulatory system for monitoring of health

We can implant safe permanent nanobiosensors [which will be in nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines form (from safe biomaterials for organisms without metals & etc in order to there is not a problem with MRI scan & etc scans)] to organisms via the circulatory system which will hook up with automation or with technological mandates via ultrasound pulses (ultrasound scan will monitor the nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines for when will arrive to the targets in order to hook up there via activation) to all the heart valves & to all the heart coronary arteries, to large intestine & to small intestine in order to there is continuous observation – monitoring of the health of the organisms.

  • Implantation for a specific period of time of biodegradable nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines for therapeutic issues

We can also send [with automation or with technological mandates via ultrasound pulses (ultrasound scan will monitor the nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines for when will arrive to the targets in order to hook up there via activation)] each time when it is a must for health issues, safe biodegradable nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines (from safe biomaterials for organisms without metals in order to there is not a problem with MRI & etc scans) which will release safe therapeutic biochemical – medical substances to the correct – desirable cells [safe biodegradable nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines will invade & bind to the correct – desirable cells because of the analogical specific substances that will have for each occasion to their exterior artificial or/and biochemical membrane (like the membrane of cells) or/and they will invade & bind to the correct – desirable cells through their detectable nanobiosensors] & which will monitor the cause of disease & it’s development & later will monitor the actions & interactions of safe therapeutic biochemical – medical substances within the cells before be dissolved (for the understanding of which is the safest way to eliminate each disease through safe therapeutic medical substances) for the confrontation of all type of diseases.

Except of the safe therapeutic biochemical – medical substances, we should try biological – light – ultrasound – sound – wave – vibration – pulse – magnetic – electrical – etc stimulations (all types of stimulations on all the body at the same time) together with FLASH radiotherapy [when it will be safe (on all the body at the same time)] in order to wake up the functions of the organisms & to confront all type of diseases [it must be mentioned that simple ultrasound & FLASH radiotherapy (when it will be safe) can be used in order to treat cancer & pathogens].

Real-time observation – monitoring through experiments – tests will help us to understand everything about the source of growth of all type of diseases & the safest way to confront them.

  • Implantation of nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines into the brain for enhancement of intelligence & therapeutic issues

We can pass – insert – implant safe permanent nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines (from safe biomaterials for organisms without metals in order to do not create problem with MRI & etc scans) into the brain, which will hook up with automation through the specific coating of hydrogels or nanogels with glucose & ionic liquid (or with more sophisticated artificial membrane which will detect the electromagnetic fields & biomarkers of desirable cells) or with technological mandates via ultrasound pulses (ultrasound scan will monitor the nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines for when will arrive to the targets in order to hook up there via activation with ultrasound pulses) to all the memory – hippocampus especially & to all the neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, receptors with their subcategories generally through circulatory system (carotid or vertebral arteries which send the blood into the brain) in order to monitor & fix the brain health & the intelligence of the organisms & when it will be safe of the people.

  • Regeneration through induced pluripotent stem cells from old cells or/and fat cells via export & import of blood or/and via implantable biodegradable nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines

We should reach the point where we will transform all the old useless cells into young healthy cells through the transformation of fat cells & old useless cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (or iPS cells) via export of blood which will be treated with specific safe biochemical substances in order to import again into the organism or/and via safe biodegradable nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines which will invade & bind to the correct – desirable cells because of the analogical specific substances that will have for each occasion to their exterior artificial or/and biochemical membrane (like the membrane of cells). Through specific transcription factors each time, they will be transformed in what exactly we want without the danger of growth of wrong DNA – RNA (with their subcategories) mutations that create diseases such as cancer through in order to there is expectancy of life duration & maybe immortal juvenileness. Evolved artificial organs, tissues, muscles, neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, receptors & etc with their subcategories also will help to the expectancy of life duration.

  • Confrontation of cancer & viral cells via biodegradable nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines & via biodegradable mimetic scaffolds

If cancer cells depend on big levels of glucose for their survival needs, we should create biodegradable glucose & ionic liquid-coated nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines like hydrogels or nanogels with specific proteins (like Spike S1 protein to bind to host receptors of the healthy & damaged cells in order to facilitate fusion between a healthiest envelope & the host cell membrane via Spike S2 protein), with specific enzymes, with specific amino acids (like L-phenylalanine), with specific acids & etc on their outer artificial membrane with simultaneously enhancement of the blocking of protein TREM2 & etc genetic – biological material (up to a safe point) in order to identify, invade & eliminate all the cancer cells & upgrade healthy ones via safe therapeutic biochemical materials – substances like HAMLET (from human breast milk), GAMLET (from goat milk) & etc.

Creation of biodegradable glucose & ionic liquid-coated molecular machines like hydrogels or nanogels which will contain HAMLET, GAMLET & etc which contain α-lactalbumin (HLA) and oleic acid for broad tumoricidal activity. Each molecular machine – hydrogel will have specific proteins (like Spike S1 & S2 proteins) & etc in its artificial membrane in order to bind to the host receptors & to facilitate fusion with them. It must be mentioned that HAMLET, GAMLET & etc eliminate the cancer cells without to do damage to the healthy cells.

If we stand out the antigens of the pathogens & kill them via heat or/and via safe biochemicals or/and via UV light or/and via Ultrasound [low-intensity ultrasound pulses can selectively kill cancer & viral cells (pathogens) without to do damage to healthy cells on human full connected organs-on-chips or with other words human-on-chips] or/and via Flash Radiation (it kills all the cancer cells without to do damage to healthy cells on experiments) or/and via sophisticated immune cells & create a safe vaccine with the dead antigens of pathogens hooked on biodegradable mimetic scaffolds in order to teach the immune system to identify them, invade them, combat them & eliminate them, we will have chances to survive from the deadly pathogens.

Biodegradable mimetic scaffolds with the inactivated dead antigens of the pathogens should be injected into the Bone Marrow & into the Thymus Gland in order to teach the immune cells to identify, invade, combat & eliminate them (the pathogens via their antigens) in a record time.

Finally, scientists should find the mechanism that the fastest widespread dangerous pathogens use to multiply, spread, invade & transform the healthy cells into damaged cells in order to take few healthy cells from young healthy people & teach them to use the same mechanism in order to multiply (up to a safe point), spread, identify [through the specific biomarkers of damaged cells (old, cancer, viral & etc cells)], invade & transform (through binding to the host receptors of damaged cells & facilitate fusion with them) the damaged cells (old, cancer, viral & etc cells) especially & the pathogens generally of old people into healthy ones.

  • Confrontation of cancer & viral cells via immune cells & biodegradable mimetic scaffolds

We should evolve immune cells [directly injection into Bone Marrow of evolved B cells (immunoglobulins) & NK cells (with mimetic scaffolds from a safe biomaterial that will be dissolved later in order to give them a boost) & directly injection into Thymus & Bone Marrow of evolved killer & helper T-cells (with mimetic scaffolds from a safe biomaterial that will be dissolved later in order to give them a boost) with receptors that recognize the molecule which called MR1, with receptors that recognize the molecules of cancerous & viral extracellular vesicles (EVs) & generally all the specific molecules of cancerous & viral cells in order to destroy them & to propagate & evolve all the other simple immune cells that exist into Thymus & Bone Marrow in order to search & destroy all the cancer & viral cells.

  • Creation of a mechatronic machine which will combats cancer

Creation of a mechatronic endoscope which will have on its outer surface silver, gold, graphene & etc nanoparticles, which have antimicrobial, antiviral & etc properties for safety reasons. This mechatronic endoscope should have 360 degrees view high analysis camera, low-intensity ultrasound system, laser beam system & a syringe which will inject HAMLET (creation of artificial human breast milk which should be like the real one for the babies & not only) or GAMLET (from goat breast milk which is for the baby goats) directly to tumors & which will find its targets through the smart camera (which will have artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, machine vision & etc) & through the ultrasound scan. The creation of this endoscope will help with the confrontation of tumors through a small invasive laparoscopy exactly where it is needed. As for the brain, they could be used ultrasound-triggered biodegradable glucose – ionic liquid-coated hydrogels or nanogels (low-intensity ultrasound pulses will help to open the blood-brain barrier in order to pass the nanites into the brain after simultaneously ultrasound scan in order to identify – detect the position of the biodegradable hydrogels or nanogels) which will contain HAMLET or GAMLET.

We should create also a mechatronic machine like a coffin which will emit low-intensity ultrasound pulses, ultraviolet light (when it will be safe for nanoseconds) & Flash Radiotherapy (when it will be safe for nanoseconds) from all its sides in order to eliminate the cancer – tumors (cancer cells & metastatic cancer cells) on the whole body at the same time. One person each time will join into the coffin with safe glasses in order to protect her/his eyes from the ultrasound pulses in order to receive the cure for her/his whole body. Finally, after the receivement of low-intensity ultrasound pulses, the person should receive & all the stimulations (biological – light – ultrasound – sound – wave – vibration – pulse – magnetic – electrical – etc stimulations) in order to awake her/his nervous system.

  • Next level surgeries through mechatronic machines or simple injections

We should pass to the next level in the biomedicine & biotechnology where we will inject directly the biological or biochemical material into the organs, tissues, neurons, blood vessels & etc & where we will print through 3D bioprinters whole organs, tissues, neurons, synapses, receptors, bones, cartilages, muscles, veins, blood vessels & etc (all together) through a laparoscopical technique. The 3D bioprinters will bioprint everything into the organisms in a record time & will inject a safe nanobiosensor (from safe biomaterials without metals for safety reasons) in order to watch in real time the patient everything through wireless fields from where nanobiosensors will load – charge. The 3D bioprinters should bioprint & fix the problem where it is through all type of patient cells who have a problem. These types of cells should be grown into petri dishes, microfluidic devices, human-on-chips & etc in a record time through sophisticated techniques.

  • Creation of safe genetic manipulation system

Scientists should create L-phenylalanine-coated or/and glucose & ionic liquid-coated biodegradable molecular machines like hydrogels or nanogels which will contain the technology which called “Prime Editing” [which they should teach it (the Prime Editing technology) to be dissolved when it will fix all the wrong mutations of the cancer & viral cells] in order to bind & facilitate fusion with cancer & viral cells in order to fix their wrong mutations & bring them back to a healthy state.

  • Experiments with all the possible individual or combinational medical (biochemical substances) substances into biological or artificial human-on-chips (or body-on-chips) before the clinical trials to the organisms for safety issues

Biological material of organisms to be diffused into bioprinted or/and artificial human-on-chips (from cells, stem cells & etc of the patients – people) for personalized testing through nanites & continuous monitoring of patient’s biological-genetic (substances) reactions in vitro before tests – experiments, during tests – experiments & after tests – experiments on molecular – submolecular – atomic – subatomic – etc levels for the understanding in maximum levels  everything about the confrontation of diseases.

  • Effort for the resurrection of dead who have just died

If we place the organisms who have just died in suspended animation with the head – brain under a continuous electrical stimulation & etc stimulations & we have ready plenty of sophisticated blood or/and sophisticated artificial blood (with safe sophisticated genetic – biological material) for transfusion & ready full organism connected artificial – microchip organs which will act when it is a must exactly such as a low-intensity ultrasound machine & which (microchip organs) will contain real-time nanobiosensors, we can bring back the people from the death & we can monitor & intervene when it is a must for health reasons through secret – safe operating & internet – wireless system from where will charge – load (all the microchip organs with their real-time nanobiosensors) with the combination of heart pulses – beats & body pulses through its moves for maximum results of power generation.


Continuous real-time observation – monitoring of the genetic – biological actions & interactions of nanites, genetics, biochemistry & all type of stimulations through nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines will give us an overview about everything. All the safe for organisms nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines should be connected to a system such as Vital-Radio system that function through wireless waves – signals in order to monitor all the vital functions of the organisms. All the safe for organisms nanobiosensors – nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines will charge – load via – through wireless networks & via body – heart pulses from where will send all the data to a safe quantum supercomputer which will use a specific safe & secret new operating system & program (for safety reasons), quantum communications & quantum internet with secret – safe encryptions (for safety reasons), quantum artificial intelligence, quantum machine learning, quantum deep learning, specific cloud computing program, DNA digital data storage & etc.

Everything of the previous plans should become only after an agreement about ethics from International Organizations such as International Court, United Nations, World Health Organizations & etc & after an agreement with the volunteers – patients – people.


I want to thank all the scientists of the world who publish their research, innovations & discoveries in order to become the evolution of organisms a reality through the progress of health science & technology.


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