Creation of endoscopic mechatronic machine which will have on it’s outer surface silver, graphene, gold & etc nanoparticles which have antimicrobial, antiviral & etc properties for safety reasons. This endoscopic mechatronic machine will have 360 degrees camera view, it will emit low-intensity ultrasound pulses (when it will be safe after clinical trials) & it will have 2 syringes, one of the syringes will injects directly to tumors (cancer cells) the biological material – substance HAMLET (from human breast milk) or/and GAMLET (from goat milk) & the other syringe will injects EBC-46 directly to tumors (cancer cells) or other sophisticated safe biochemical material – substance. This mechatronic machine can treat lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, large intestine cancer & etc cancers. It will detects the cancers through the 360 degrees camera view & through ultrasound scans. Finally, it can be used & laparoscopically for all the other type of cancers – tumors except of the brain where it be used microbubbles with low-intensity ultrasound pulses (in order to be activated the microbubbles) after continuous ultrasound scan or simple low-intensity ultrasound pulses after continuous ultrasound scan.


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