Creation of a mechatronic endoscope which will have on its outer surface silver, gold, graphene & etc nanoparticles, which have antimicrobial, antiviral & etc properties for safety reasons. This mechatronic endoscope should have 360 degrees view high analysis camera, low-intensity ultrasound system, laser beam system & a syringe which will inject HAMLET (creation of artificial human breast milk which should be like the real one for the babies & not only) or GAMLET (from goat breast milk which is for the baby goats) directly to tumors & which will find its targets through the camera (which will have artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, machine vision & etc) & through the ultrasound scan. The creation of this endoscope will help with the confrontation of tumors through a small invasive laparoscopy exactly where it is needed. As for the brain, it could be used ultrasound-triggered biodegradable glucose & ionic liquid-coated hydrogels or nanogels (low-intensity ultrasound pulses will help to open the blood-brain barrier & they will help to consign them into the tumor – tumors after simultaneously ultrasound scan in order to identify – detect the position of the hydrogels or nanogels) which will contain HAMLET or GAMLET.

We should create also a mechatronic machines like coffins which one of them will emits low-intensity ultrasound pulses, one other of them will emits ultraviolet light (when it will be safe for nanoseconds) & the other one will emits Flash Radiotherapy (when it will be safe for nanoseconds) from all its sides in order to eliminate the cancer – tumors (cancer cells & metastatic cancer cells) on the whole body at the same time. One person each time will join into the coffins with safe glasses in order to protect her/his eyes from the ultrasound pulses & the other technologies in order to receive the cure for her/his whole body. Finally, after the receivement of low-intensity ultrasound pulses, ultraviolet light & FLASH radiotherapy, the person should receive & all the stimulations (biological – light – ultrasound – sound – wave – vibration – pulse – magnetic – electrical – etc stimulations) in order to awake her/his nervous & immune system.


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