If cancer cells depend on big levels of glucose for their survival needs, we should create biodegradable glucose-coated nanites – nanomachines – molecular machines like hydrogels with specific proteins (like Spike S1 protein to bind to host receptors of the healthy & damaged cells in order to facilitate fusion between a healthiest envelope & the host cell membrane via Spike S2 protein), with specific enzymes, with specific amino acids (like L-phenylalanine) & etc on their outer artificial membrane with simultaneously enhancement of the blocking of protein TREM2 (up to a safe point) in order to identify, invade & eliminate all the cancer cells & upgrade healthy ones via safe therapeutic biochemical materials – substances like HAMLET (from human breast milk), GAMLET (from goat milk) & etc.

If we stand out the antigens of the pathogens & kill them via heat or/and via safe biochemicals or/and via UV light or/and via Ultrasound [low-intensity ultrasound pulses can selectively kill cancer & viral cells (pathogens) without to do damage to healthy cells on human full connected organs-on-chips or with other words human-on-chips] or/and via Flash Radiation (it kills all the cancer cells without to do damage to healthy cells on experiments) or/and via sophisticated immune cells & create a safe vaccine with the dead antigens of pathogens hooked on biodegradable mimetic scaffolds in order to teach the immune system to identify them, invade them, combat them & eliminate them, we will have chances to survive from the deadly pathogens.

Biodegradable mimetic scaffolds with the inactivated dead antigens of the pathogens should be injected into the Bone Marrow & into the Thymus Gland in order to teach the immune cells to identify, invade, combat & eliminate them (the pathogens via their antigens) in a record time.


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