If we find safe ways to correct DNA – RNA (with their subcategories) mutations, safe ways to enhance their helices (in order to do not break), safe ways to control telomeres via telomerase only for the healthy cells with simultaneously destruction of the telomeres of damaged cells, safe ways to teach cells to absorb only the safe oxygen substances, safe ways to touch the metabolism of the organisms, safe ways to teach the immune cells to identify & attack all the dangerous cells & etc via the specific biomarkers of cancer & viral cells such as & of all the dangerous microbes, parasites & pathogens as & to teach – enhance autophagy – ER autophagy via their specific biomarkers for all the cells in order to detect & eliminate the damaged cells, safe ways to eliminate blood clots, inflammation & plaques up to a point when it is a must, safe ways for the controlled regeneration of cells through safe controlled transformation of iPS cells from fat cells into specific healthy ones or/and other sophisticated ways & safe ways to prevent cellural senescense as & to transform old & damaged cells into healthy ones via safe biological material like enzymes, proteins & etc for all of the previous ways, we will protect the organisms health which will lead to the extension of organisms life duration.


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