First of all, we must use fusion energy or other safe sophisticated energy in order to do not pollute the environment & we must create artificial forests (with artificial trees) on the residential areas in order to clean the environment.

Later, we should use school excursions for tree planting in order to become the kids friendly with the nature from small ages & to learn to do not pollute it through specific lessons. We should use also drones which can implant thousands – millions of evolved spores (with evolved their genetic – biological material) everyday inside the soil through launches from the air which they use automation & which they exist already.

We must set also tough laws for the factories in order to put latest technology filters that suck all the pollution & to find ways to transform it into clean fuels or to use the innovation – discovery of Wyss Institute that transform greenhouse gases into biodegradable products.

At the same moment, we must create huge skyscrapers in width, length & height near the cities & villages which will be greenhouses, aquacultures & stables with evolved the genetic – biological material of plants – vegetables & animals respectively for their safety & for better nutrients for us through their consumption.

Finally, we must create biodegradable plastics in order to be dissolved after some days of their liberation without to harm the environment & we must discover microorganisms, molecules, submolecules & etc which will eat the plastics that exist already in order to clean the environment.


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